Monday, 9 December 2013

Pay Day Picks #3

I’ve had to really watch what I’m spending on myself this pay day as I have a long list of Christmas presents that I have to buy! However, I have set a few pennies aside for the ‘essentials’ that I’ve had my eye on this month...

1 – Bad Hair Day’ Beanie:  I’ve had my eye on this super duper trendy beanie for a while now. I’m literally known for whacking on a beanie whenever my hair isn’t co-operating and it’s great that statement garments are really in this season. You can order them from Amazon in a range of different colours but I definitely have my eye on the black one as it will pretty much go with everything.

2 – Topshop Kohl Eyeliner in Sable : I love brown eyeliners for winter! I think they’re such a lovely change from black and look gorgeous on any colour eye! I’ve been looking at the Topshop Kohl pencil eyeliners for a while now as I’ve heard great things about them and for £4, you can’t really complain!

3 – H&M Midi Rings: I’m literally obsessed with midi rings. I think they’re so feminine and can spruce up any outfit. I’ve noticed that H&M do a fab range of midi rings and I’ve especially been looking out for the simple, dainty gold ones. I can normally get away with wearing XS normal sized rings as midi rings too. They usually sell them for around £2.99 for a set of 10 rings so I’m definitely picking up a stash on Pay Day!

4 – Toni & Guy Limited Edition Shine Gloss Serum: I was first introduced to this product when I received it in a Glossybox and since then our love affair has blossomed. A few pumps of the product brushed through your hair with your fingers is all it takes to have gorgeous shiny hair all day. I normally only apply it to the bottom of my hair as this is where it is most damaged and quite dull. I’m coming towards the end of my bottle and I definitely need to repurchase VERY soon!

5 – Christmas Party Dress: I have quite a few Christmas outings planned over the next few weeks so I’m on the look out for the perfect Christmas party dress. I’ve noticed that are running a #Dressmas section on their website and I’ve got my eye on a few gorgeous dresses so I’m certainly going to have to control myself come pay day!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


2014 is on it's way so to kickstart the New Year, I have decided to become part of the #2014bloggerchallenge. The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The #2014bloggerchallenge posts will go live during the 1st and the 3rd weeks of each month. Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about.

Anyone can get involved, whatever your blog topic! Whether you write about cooking, beauty, lifestyle or fitness. What's in it for you I hear you ask? Well... If you participate in the #2014BloggerChallenge, you'll get more blog traffic, discover new blogs and make friends with bloggers you probably didn't even know existed! 
All you have to do to get involved is email #2014BloggerChallenge organiser, Gaby (from AnotherGirlyBlog) on with your blog URL, email address and name so she can add you to the list of participants. 
Let's start 2014 with a bang and let's see how many of you we can get involved with this challenge!! (sign up closes on the 9th December 2013 when the first topic will be sent out).

For more information visit Gaby's blog

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Christmas Cracker Tag

Hi everyone! I literally can't believe how fast Christmas has come around! I figured what better way to welcome Christmas and to get to know you all a little better than to start a Christmas tag. Please comment on this post if you decide to do the tag! 

  • Answer all ten questions below
  • Make sure to add The Christmas Cracker Tag logo (above) somewhere in your post
  • Tag as many bloggers as you like to do the tag 
  • Comment on the blogs you have tagged to let them know!

One: What’s on your Christmas list?

Two: What’s on your Christmas Day agenda?

Three: How much Christmas shopping have you done?

Four: What’s been your biggest ever surprise gift?

Five: When do you usually put up your Christmas tree?

Six: Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas Day?

Seven: Do you have any plans for Boxing Day?

Eight: When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?

Nine: What’s your favourite Christmas scent? (Candle/Perfume)

Ten: What do you love most about Christmas?

I tag:
along with anyone else that wants to do this tag! Be sure to let me know if you do :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My New A/W Hair!


I've had ombre hair for a while now and I really fancied a change for A/W. However, having hair as dark as mine, it's really difficult to change without involving bleach which obviously isn't that great for your hair. I'd also been getting really frustrated by my side fringe as it kept falling infront of my face and pretty much refused to do anything which made me begin to toy with the idea of getting a full fringe. I'd never had one before but thought it looked effortlessly gorgeous on celebs like Lily Allen. However, I was still a little worried that it wouldn't suit my face shape or it would make me look younger than I actually am. 

BUT, as you can see, I bit the bullet and told my hairdresser to 'just go for it'. I got her to cut it off away from a mirror and to only let me look once she'd finished trimming and faffing. I think I literally would have burst out crying if I'd witnessed her grabbing a chunk of my hair and cutting it off haha! 

Whilst getting rid of my ombre, I also didn't want just a plain brunette colour. I had a chat with my hairdresser about having some sort of Autumn inspired undertone in my hair. I decided that I wanted 'copper' which is noticable when light is shining on my hair. It's subtle enough to be appropriate for work but still something a bit different and matches the current climate.

Although it will take a lot more up-keep, I'm really happy with the finished result and think that a full fringe can really flatter your face and also look cute with a wintery beanie hat. I can also be a bit lazier with my eyebrows too!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas | Your Dad

A classic gift for all Dad's out there. My Dad can pretty much always expect to receive some sort of aftershave for Christmas. Perfume shops usually offer deals round about this time of year so it's a great idea if you're stuck to what to buy for him. Just make sure he likes the smell!

Signed Picture
A couple of Christmas's ago, I bought my Dad a signed photo of Sir Alex Ferguson (obviously he is an avid Man United football fan) from the store at the stadium. It was absolutely huge and he was made up with it. It now hangs on the wall above our dining table where we say our prayers and thank Sir Alex... no I'm joking. 

Gift Experience
These are such a unique gift idea and I can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to find something that any Dad will enjoy. They can range from driving a sports car on a race track to a flying lesson! Fab idea but a bit expensive if you're on a budget. 

If your Dad is like mine then you will ALWAYS find him stood at a BBQ during the Summer months. My Dad takes great pride in cooking his burgers/sausages/kebabs etc so I thought a brand new BBQ for next Summer would be such a great idea. Places like B&Q and Homebase usually have massive sales on at this time of year, especially on their websites. My Mum & I managed to find one that was £150 cheaper than it’s original price. We’re definitely going to struggle to hide it somewhere though!

Winter Jumpers
Now that my Dad is getting older, he’s starting to feel the cold a lot easier (hope he doesn’t read this), so a few snuggly jumpers are a lovely stocking filler. I usually pick a few up from Matalan or Sainsbury’s as there is always a great range and for a great price.

Limited Edition Beer
This is something that I didn’t think of myself but that my Dad actually asked for. A limited edition/vintage bottle a beer is such a unique gift, especially if your Dad enjoys a drink or two. You can order them online but I actually picked mine up from Sainsbury’s as they were selling them for a limited time.

A watch is a classic gift idea for any Dad. My Dad wears a watch for work and every year he either loses it or damages it, so I can always guarantee that I new ‘work watch’ will be on his Christmas list each year. It’s such a lovely gift for your Dad to receive knowing that you’ve picked it out for him.

Executive Box
If your Dad is a sporting fan then booking an Executive Box to watch his favourite team would go down a treat. If you don’t know what one is then it’s a private room looking out onto the stadium where they can enjoy a meal and drinks before watching the game. Most stadiums offer a fixed package for groups so try to organise it with a couple of his pals who can go along with him on the day.

Mobile Phone
Recently my Dad has become quite the Facebooker and stills finds it astounding when finding some of his old school friends on there. I thought that a new smart phone would be such a great idea for him so that he can scroll through Facebook to his heart’s content. Warning: if your Dad is like mine, you will probably have to block out a good 3 hours on Christmas Day to teach him how to use it!

Just like buying ‘bath stuff’ for your Mum goes without saying, it’s not Christmas without buying socks for your Dad! It’s become a tradition in our family that my Mum buys him the boring everyday socks and I get to pick him a couple of daft pairs usually Homer Simpson/Peter Griffin themed.  

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas | Your Mum

If you were like me growing up as a child, then you will understand that Mum’s do EVERYTHING when it comes to your Christmas presents. The hours she must have spent trawling through Toys’R’Us and searching on Argos - all for Father Christmas to get all the credit. Now that I’m a bit older and am earning more money, I feel like the past few Christmas’s, it’s been really nice to spoil my Mum and surprise her with some really lovely gifts. I’m quite organised this year and have pretty much sorted what I’m going to buy her apart from the obvious “bath stuff” that goes without saying. So, here's a few ideas that I’ve either bought my mum in the past or that I bought her for this Christmas – some expensive, some a little cheaper. So, Mum, if you’re reading this – please don’t carry on!

Amazon Kindle
 If your mum is like mine and loves to read then this is a great gift idea! I was a little nervous at first as I knew how much to she loved to actually hold a book whilst reading (sounds a bit weird) so I was worried that she wouldn’t like the idea of holding a device. But now she’s never without it! If she’s in bed, she’s reading on her Kindle, if she’s by the pool on holiday, she’s reading on her Kindle, if she’s in the bath, she’s reading on the Kindle (don’t worry, we got insurance haha). So I would definitely consider this idea if your mum loves a good read!

Jewel Candle
 I thought this was such a unique and lovely gift idea! The idea is that you burn the candle and inside is either a pair of earrings or a ring (your choice) of the value of £25-£250! I thought this would be a lovely idea for Aunties and Grandma’s too.

Weekend Superbreak
Warning - this does take a lot of planning! This year, I’ve organised a trip to London for myself and my Mum to see The Lion King in the theatre. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the show and have been dying to see it for a while, as has my Mum. So, I spent days looking at reviews and working out the best deal for two nights in a hotel with theatre and train tickets. I ended up booking it through as they had some fab offers on. However, this is quiet an expensive gift so I’d recommend going halves with someone else if possible.

This is more of a jokey idea but thought it would be great for my Mum. My Mum and I ALWAYS end up fighting over the blanket on the sofa when watching the telly so I thought what better idea than to buy my Mum her own?! The blanket even came with arm holes AND a pocket (which she usually uses to hide the remote inside). I found mine at my local market but you can pretty much find them anywhere.

This was actually one of my (very few) Dad’s ideas which I was actually quite impressed with. My Mum had a little iPod Touch at the time and was forever complaining of sore eyes from trying to see the screen. So we thought that a tablet would a great idea for her to be able to see the screen properly and also carry it about with her when she needed it. She is now never without it, along with her Kindle (Mrs Gadget).

Costume Jewellery 
What Mum doesn't like jewellery?! My Mum is a massive sucker for costume jewellery so a few pieces from our local Christmas market was a lovely present for her to receive.

Hairdresser’s voucher 
My Mum usually gets her hair done at a little back street salon that doesn't charge much. But I always notice that she's never fully happy with what she gets. So, I thought it would be a great idea to buy her a High-End Hairdresser's gift voucher. There are a lot offers on at this time of year and I managed to get one for £200 worth of hair cutting/treatment for £40! She gets four free appointments where she can have a cut, colour and a head massage. I was very tempted to buy it for myself to be honest!

Spa Break
My mum works really hard and I thought that a spa break would be a lovely treat for her to wind down and relax. Again, I noticed an offer at one of my local hotels for 12 days of free use of the spa, a £20 gift voucher for treatments and they always threw a cute little boxed candle. Lovely idea for you & your mum to spend some quality girly time! 

Theatre Tickets
My Mum & I LOVE to go and watch a good show so I figured a surprise trip to the theatre would be a lovely idea. I booked for us to go and see War Horse at our local theatre on the day after her birthday. Will definitely earn me some top brownie points!

Makeover with vouchers 
My Mum has only recently got into wearing make-up (with the help & encouragement of yours truly).  She only ever used to wear the odd bit of blusher and lipstick here and there but now she's constantly asking for me to do her make-up for when she's going out. I thought that a make-up lesson at one the beauty counters at my local Debenhams would be lovely for her and I even threw in some vouchers for her to treat herself to anything she liked!

There's just a few ideas of variously priced gifts that I think any Mum would love to recieve. I do however, think that Mum’s appreciate any gift she gets just so long as she knows that it's you that's put the effort in to think of something that she'd really love. 
Have a lovely Christmas time!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Where Have I Been?!

Hello my lovlies,

Just a little post to explain why I have completely disappeared from the face of the blogging world this past month or so! October/November time at work has been pretty hectic and has involved a lot of late nights and hell a lot of early mornings, thus, resulting in me wanting to starfish my bed at every opportunity I got. To add to the bleak set of excuses, I’ve also been quite skint if I’m honest! Buying Christmas presents for every cousin’s cat’s aunty in the family really has had a terrible effect on my Boots/Primark/Topshop/Asos/Missguided/And-the-rest shopping fund. Plus, I’ve not felt majorly inspired by any new products or lines and didn’t just want to write a post for writing a post’s sake.

I am here, however, to announce that I have returned to the lovely world of blogging and to confirm that, no I am not dead, for any of you that might be worried. I have also been thinking of a few Christmassy themed posts that should be up soon! Apologies again for my disappearance!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Pay Day Picks #2

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
I don’t think I could physically live without this mascara. Since discovering it, I’ve purchased it endless times. A bottle usually lasts me around 2 months and I’ve noticed my current bottle is on it’s last legs so it’s definitely time to repurchase!

Chunky Scarf
Now that the cold winter months are setting in, I feel that it’s time to purchase a big snuggly chunky scarf. I’ve spotted this one online from Asos. I thought that black would pretty much go with everything (including my coat) so I will definitely be grabbing one of these on Pay Day!

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
I’ve had soo many sample bottles of this foundation and I absolutely love it! But when I get round to buying the full size, I always find another sample bottle stowed away in my samples box. However, it’s finally come to the time when I have run out of samples and have to splurge on a full size. However, I found out a while ago that if you book a ‘Fake-Up’ at Benefit (where the MUA does your make up for you in the hope that you will purchase some) then, if you book a second Fake-Up after your first then you get a LOAD of free samples! Hence why I had so many samples of their foundation haha!

Urban Decay Make up Setter
I’ve heard a few bloggers raving about this so I’m really intrigued to give it a go! I’ve found that by the end of my day, my make-up doesn’t look as tippity top as it did when I left the house in the morning (although the Borjouis bronzing primer does help). It probably won’t be great for my bank account but hopefully will have a better effect on my face!

Asos Tube Trouser in High Waist Check Print

Now that I’ve lost a bit of weight, I’ve found that I feel a bit more comfortable wearing trousers, instead of covering my thighs up with dresses and skirts. I am really loving printed and patterned trousers at the moment and especially in monochrome. So, when I saw these beauties, I literally went weak at the knees! I think they’ll go with so much from an over sized wintery jumper to a cute white cami layered with a scarf and a chunky cardy. JUST SO NICE!

*images sourced from Google

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Weight Watchers Update #1

If you have read my previous blog posts then you may know that last month, I started Weight Watchers. I was weighed last night and I am happy to tell you that I’ve lost just over half a stone (7 and a half lbs) in 4 weeks! It doesn’t sound like a lot but apparently the less you weigh to start with, the more time it takes for your body to lose the weight. During my first week I lost 4 lbs which I was MASSIVELY shocked at and after then, my weight has slowly but surely dropped off. I have found myself getting into a routine now and it’s weird to say it but I’m really not struggling with it at all! I can still eat well; I have just changed the amount that I eat. My points allowance has also dropped from 29 points a day to 27 which at first I was really worried about exceeding but it really is no trouble at all! If you’re like me and aren’t a massive fan of lots of salads or fruit & veg, then this is what a typical day for me, food-wise, would consist of;

1 Bowl of Honey Cheerios
(3 points)
1 serving (142ml) of semi skimmed milk
(2 points)
Glass of water
(0 points)

½ bowl of cream of tomato soup
(2 points)
Slice of white bread
(2 points)
Packet of Quavers/Weight Watchers chocolate biscuit
(2 points each)
Any fresh fruit – any amount (I usually go for a banana or some blueberries)
(0 points)

This is where it can be quiet varied. I tend to just have what my family are having but in a smaller portion. It’s so much easier than having something different from everyone else and doesn’t leave you drooling over what everyone else is having while you’re sat in the corner with your carrot sticks. For example; if my mum makes Spaghetti Bolognese then she will use the Weight Watchers Bolognese sauce (2 points for ½ a jar plus it doesn’t taste any different!). Then, instead of serving it on a plate, I will have mine in a bowl. It means that I’m having a much smaller portion but my bowl still looks full of food. From doing this, my body now isn’t used to digesting big plates of food anymore and I have found that I get fuller a lot quicker and a lot easier.
If you prefer to make your dinner yourself then the Weight Watchers ready meals are also a favourite in my freezer. If I need something quick then I will warm up a shephard’s pie or lasagne (which are worth around 7-8 points each) and add a FEW low-fat chips. I’ve found that because I’m still giving my body that fix of more naughtier foods but in much smaller portions, I am not craving them like you would be on a crash diet. So, a typical dinner would be worth around 10-12 points. Adding my points up, that’s still only 23 points at the most, which is great for when I fancy that little bit of chocolate or a packet of crisps! I just make sure that they are the low-points option.

So far, I have been really pleased with the whole programme and I am secretly really proud of myself at the weight that I have lost so far. Wish me luck for next month! J

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At

The lovely Lucy from has kindly tagged me to do the 'Beauty Things I Suck At' tag. I could literally sit here all day if I could but here's a few of my worst!

001- Top Eye-Liner
I envy anyone that can perfectly line the top of their lid with pencil or liquid liner! I always attempt to do it for nights out and end up with big black messy eyes which I usually end up converting into a smokey eye. And don't even get me started on winged liner. I've not attempted that since my college leavers prom when I poked myself in the eye and had to cover a bloodshot eye with my fringe! I feel like applying top eye-liner is one of those Marmite beauty tasks - you can either do it or you can't and unfortunately I was cursed with the can't-do-it gene. *sad face*

002- Applying Liquid Fake Tan
Liquid fake tan is the absolute bane of my life. It makes me feel sticky and sweaty and rubs off at the slight touch of anything leaving me with patches of tanless skin. I find that it's very messy to apply and rubs onto absolutely everything! My best advice is to not apply liquid tan and then put a white shirt on - worst mistake of my life! I much prefer mousse fake tan that comes out of a pump. It's so much easier to work with and I find that it rubs into the skin a lot quicker and has a lot more staying power.  I currently use the St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and I am completely obsessed with it! If you're looking for a new fake tan then I'd definitely give it a try. 

003- Plucking my eyebrows
I just literally can't bring myself to pluck my eyebrows - ever! No matter how many times I've done it, I can still never get used to the pain. My eyebrows are quite thick to begin with so it's a lot of effort to keep them in shape. I always end up going to a salon to get them waxed because my mind just won't let me cause my body pain! I find that waxing is a lot quicker so the pain isn't prolonged :) 

004- Moisturising everyday
I find moisturising a bit of a chore as I hate just standing there waiting for it to sink into my skin. I've never liked doing it and I don't think I ever will. I've recently purchased the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream as I LOVE the scent so I've found that this is encouraging me to moisturise a bit more. Although there are some days when I still 'forget'...

I tag

And anybody else who would like to do the tag! :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Boots Beauty Haul

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (Repurchase)
I’ve used this foundation for quite some time now after swapping and changing my foundations for a while. It’s definitely my favourite high street foundation as it blends really well on my skin and isn’t cakey at all.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Repurchase)
Before I discovered this concealer, I only ever used stick concealers as I found them quick and easy. I then went on try the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer as I’d heard SO many people rave about it. I found it great for hiding blemishes but found it quite stiff when applying under my eye. It was then that I discovered the Maybelline Fit Me range and thought I’d give the concealer a go- I love it! It’s light and creamy and really does give my under eyes that boost that they need in the mornings!

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream
If you’ve recently read my Weight Watchers blog post then you’ll know that I’m avoiding chocolate and all things sweet at all costs! So, I thought purchasing this lip butter in the flavour Caramel Cream was an absolute genius idea! It means I can still taste caramel but don’t have to ingest it and therefore no harm will be done to my thighs – savvy! I also love buying lip butters for the colder months too so it’s a win, win :)

Cosmetics Bag
I was looking for a new small make-up bag to put bits of makeup in to put in my bag for the day. I thought this was just the right size and had such a cute little design and for £6, you can’t really go wrong!

Models Own Nail Varnish Duo’s
I really fancied getting some new wintery nail polishes as all my current ones were brights and pastels for the summer. I discovered these two little beauties and instantly fell in love with them. I thought the glitter would look gorgeous painted over my ring fingers for a subtle but glam look.

Toni & Guy Texturising Sea Salt Spray (Repurchase) 
I firstly purchased this sea salt spray in a miniature form as I’d never used a sea salt spray and thought I’d play it safe. I absolutely love using it especially now that my hair is ombre as it makes my hair looks so much more voluminous and full. It give it about 3 or 4 sprays on each end of my hair and then scrunch with my hands. Avoid overspraying and spraying anywhere near your roots as it can cause your hair to go hard and look greasy.

Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Mousse
3 for 2 in Boots is my absolute weakness so buying two hair products I obviously HAD to get a third! I’ve never used this mousse before but I’m pretty much already sold to anything that has the world ‘Volume’ in it. My hair is very thick and heavy so it does tend to go quite flat throughout the day. I’m eager to try this out as all Toni & Guy products I’ve used, I’ve been really impressed with.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Toning Shampoo (Repurchase)
This is my go-to shampoo for when I have my hair ombre. I love the way that it leaves my hair feeling and smelling and I always have to buy a new one before my old one runs out! I’ve already done a review on this product on my Ombre Hair Care Routine which you can find by clicking here :)

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Moisturiser
I’ve loved using the Sugar Crush Body Wash in the bath and shower as the scent is absolutely out of this world! I am not a massive fan of moisturising my body and find it quite a chore. So, I figured if I love the smell of my moisturiser then I might get a little bit more excited when it comes to that dreaded routine!         * gets tub and sniffs *

Review: Borjouis Bronzing Primer

I first discovered the Borjouis Bronzing Primer whilst scrolling through Instagram. I was drawn to it straight away as I’d never heard of a ‘bronzing’ primer before. Now, I’m somebody that LOVES to be tanned so anything with the word ‘bronzing’ in the name I am instantly magnetised to. So, I finally gave in and bought it after I’d read a review on Essie Button’s blog. I definitely don’t regret buying it as I have used it every day since. 
I firstly started applying it to just my cheeks and up to my temples (which is where I usually apply a bronzer), rubbed it in with my fingers and then applied my concealer and foundation on top. I found that this left my face looking very two toned and quite orange! I then decided to try and apply it to my whole face only this time buffing it in with my Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face brush. The results were great. I was really scared that applying it to my whole face would make me look even more orange but I think buffing it in really made a difference. It gives fantastic coverage and when I’m having a good skin day – I won’t even apply any foundation! I find that the rest of my make-up stays on a lot longer than it usually does and I can hang on to that ‘just got back from two weeks in Majorca’ sun-kissed look for a bit longer! The only thing I would say is that to treat the product as an actual primer and not a bronzer or foundation. Apply the same amount as you would apply a primer to your face. 



Monday, 16 September 2013

My Top 5 iPhone/iPad Apps

Vine   I’m one of those people who don’t tend to upload vines personally but can sit for hours just scrolling and scrolling and laughing and scrolling. It’s mad how something can make you literally laugh out loud in the space of 6 tiny seconds. My faves are definitely the cats and dogs – I can be heard for miles sat in my room literally howling with the laughter at the majority of them. Great app to try when you’re bored!

Mail OnlineThis is my favourite app to use when I’m on the bus or train. I can quickly check out all the latest news and gossip at my fingertips and I usually find myself drawn to the ‘UK Showbiz’ section first. It’s gets updated a lot throughout the day too. Great app for on-the-go news and it’s free!

Minion RushThis is, without a doubt, the most used app on my iPad/iPhone. If you’re like me (which is absolutely clinically addicted) then you’ll understand where I’m coming from. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then firstly – WHY?! And secondly, I’ll explain. It’s very much similar to Temple Run (but better) and based around the little yellow minions from the movie Despicable Me. You have to collect bananas, dodge obstacles and complete tasks whilst on your run. Warning: you may start to see the game when you shut your eyes if you play a little bit too much.

TV Catch Up I mostly use this app on my iPad because of the bigger screen, but it’s basically like having Freeview on your tablet/phone. It lets you watch live television at the touch of a button and streams channels such as, E4, Dave, Film 4, Viva & ITV+1. It’s great when there isn’t a television around and you literally CAN’T miss something. I usually feel this about 90210.

Instasize ­ I believe this is quite a new app so I’m not sure how many of you will be able to relate. If you have Instagram then you’ll understand how annoying it is when your picture is zoomed in to fit the standard square box size. Instasize lets you upload the photo at its exact size so if you want to show off the full outfit that you wore at the weekend, then you don’t have to stand a mile away from the camera to get a full head-to-toe shot. My prayers have finally been answered! 

What have your favourite apps been recently?

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Liebster Award

Yesterday, I was sat looking through my e-mails and discovered that somebody had left a new comment on one of my blog posts. The lovely Hannah Burrows had nominated me for 'The Liebster Award'. At first I had no idea what this was about but reading Hannah's blog post about it, I quickly understood. It was soo lovely of her to even consider me for this as I've only been running my blog for a couple 

The award is basically about discovering new bloggers and learning more about them. As part of the tag you have to answer ten questions provided by the person that nominated you and answer them in the blog post. You then have to create ten questions of your own and tag ten new bloggers to answer them.

The Rules:
  • The tagged/nominated blogs must have under 200 followers
  • You must tag the blog that nominated you
  • Make sure that you let the people know you tagged them so that they can respond

The questions left for me;
1) What's your favourite quote?
“Good things fall apart so better things can fall into place”
2) What are some of your favourite songs at the moment?
Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
Roar – Katy Perry
Talk Dirty To Me – Jason Derulo
Burn – Ellie Goulding
Dance For You – Beyonce
3) What is your top beauty tip?
Your eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins. I definitely learnt that after suffering the aftermath of over-plucking!!
4) In 5 years time, where do you want to see yourself?
Anyone else sing Noah and the Whale in their head when they read this haha?
Well, I’ll be 24 years old in 5 years time – wow, scary! Hopefully I’ll be working as a successful PR/Marketing officer and fingers crossed I’ll still be working with the same company that I do now. That would be perfect!
6) If you are running out the door and don't have time to do your usual make-up and only have time to apply 3 things, what would you apply?
I didn’t even have to think about this one – Borjouis Bronzing Primer (review coming soon!), Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and Benefit They’re Real Mascara.  
7) What's your favourite skincare product?
I’m loving using my Bare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser at the moment. I use it twice a week to give my skin a nice treat J
8) What is your guilty pleasure?
One Direction.
9) What's one weird and random fact about yourself?
I used to make ‘Ice Cream Soup’ when I was little by mashing and mixing up a bowl of ice cream until it was literally a liquid. I also used to dip prawn crackers in it too! I don’t make it as much anymore but have to fight the urge whenever I have ice cream. Please don’t judge me!
10) Finally, why did you start blogging, and what is your favourite part of blogging?
I feel like the blogging world is an escape from the real world with different bloggers to discover everyday. It’s your own little place on the internet for you to share your thoughts, passions and snippets of your life. I can utilise my love for writing and learn about new products or styles that I probably wouldn’t have even known about! My favourite part of blogging is definitely the feeling of satisfaction you get when somebody leaves a really positive comment on your post - I love talking to new people!   

People I tag:

My questions for you;

1) High street or high end make-up?

2) Do you have any pets?

3) Name the beauty product that you have re-purchased the most.

4) What is your dream job?

5) Shower or bath?

6) What is a typical day in your life?

7) What has been the best year of your life so far and why?

8) Have you ever thought about dramatically changing your hair colour/style?

9) How often do you use fake tan?

10) Do you have a role-model? If so, who and why?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I've started Weight Watchers!

Yesterday, on Monday 9th September I joined Weight Watchers. If you’re not sure what Weight Watchers is, it’s a monthly membership to classes, online tracks and apps that help you to lose weight. It costs £12.95 to join but I got a discounted rate for my first month as I joined by being recommended by a friend. 

I haven’t been happy with my weight for quite some time now and have started a diet on countless Mondays (it always has to be a Monday!). I’ve noticed that I can’t fit into certain clothes anymore and feel really uncomfortable on nights out. So, I figured that it was time to seriously do something about it! 

The problem is, is that I don’t have any self-discipline. If I have a biscuit at work then I’ll usually then think to myself ‘Oh I’ve had one biscuit, I might aswell have five more, and a Chinese takeaway for tea and then some cake afterwards!” It just doesn’t work for me. I need someone or something to work for so, from my point of view, Weight Watchers is perfect for me! 

You get weighed once a week and it is recorded down on your tracking card so you can see how much weight you’re losing or gaining each week. You can choose which day a week that you want to get weighed and then they tell you your nearest class for that day. I chose a Monday as I feel like Mondays are a fresh start to the week and you’ll feel great and motivated for the rest of the week if you reach a target weight. I received a pack on my first day with lots of different handy booklets to show what foods are best to eat and what to avoid and also some low fat recipes to try. I was also introduced to the Weight Watchers app where you can track the food you’ve eaten that day. Each food is classed with a different number of Pro Points and on your very first class you are given a daily allowance of Points depending on your height, weight, age and gender. For example; a jacket potato with tuna is 7 points and a packet of Quavers are 2 points. The less points the better. Some foods are even worth 0 points! They worked out that I am allowed 29 Pro Points a day in order to lose weight and the app really helps me to keep track of this. All you do is type in the food that you’ve eaten and the app will tell you how many Pro Points that it’s worth and take it off your daily allowance. It really is as easy as that. The best bit is that you’re also given an extra 49 points for the whole week (standard for everyone) if you really fancy that cake in the bakery or if you go out on a Saturday night (a diet vodka and coke is only 2 points!). It is then your choice if you use these 49 points in the week or not. 

So, that is everything that I learnt on my first day at Weight Watchers. I’ll do a monthly update to share with you how much weight I’ve lost (fingers crossed!) and how I’m finding the whole process. I’ve managed two whole days so far so things are looking good haha!