Thursday, 28 November 2013

My New A/W Hair!


I've had ombre hair for a while now and I really fancied a change for A/W. However, having hair as dark as mine, it's really difficult to change without involving bleach which obviously isn't that great for your hair. I'd also been getting really frustrated by my side fringe as it kept falling infront of my face and pretty much refused to do anything which made me begin to toy with the idea of getting a full fringe. I'd never had one before but thought it looked effortlessly gorgeous on celebs like Lily Allen. However, I was still a little worried that it wouldn't suit my face shape or it would make me look younger than I actually am. 

BUT, as you can see, I bit the bullet and told my hairdresser to 'just go for it'. I got her to cut it off away from a mirror and to only let me look once she'd finished trimming and faffing. I think I literally would have burst out crying if I'd witnessed her grabbing a chunk of my hair and cutting it off haha! 

Whilst getting rid of my ombre, I also didn't want just a plain brunette colour. I had a chat with my hairdresser about having some sort of Autumn inspired undertone in my hair. I decided that I wanted 'copper' which is noticable when light is shining on my hair. It's subtle enough to be appropriate for work but still something a bit different and matches the current climate.

Although it will take a lot more up-keep, I'm really happy with the finished result and think that a full fringe can really flatter your face and also look cute with a wintery beanie hat. I can also be a bit lazier with my eyebrows too!


  1. Hair looks so pretty :)

  2. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. I see you like me are a member of the BloggerChallenge2014. I have followed you and can't wait to read your posts.