Sunday, 16 March 2014

Review: The Body Shop Lipstick in Red Siren

With Spring fast approaching, it's definitely time to start donning the pastels and brights and what better way to start with lips? Their full name, The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks, were launched around summer time last year and replaced their Colourglide range. The Body Shop, as usual, pride themselves on their cruelty-free and fair trade production and these products are no different. There are 24 gorgeous shades in the collection however Red Siren really stood out to me as a classic bold red perfect for the upcoming warmer (fingers crossed) climate...

This luscious lipstick gives such a stunning pop of colour to any outfit and glides so easily onto the lips. I love how incredibly moisturising the lipstick is compared to those awful lipsticks that show every bump and crack in your lips. I was also super impressed with the amount of pigmentation that the product has. I loved the fact that even after a few drinks, this baby powered through and I only had to re-apply just the once throughout the day. As you can see from the photos, this lipstick is pretty well loved and jumps between my Mum and I's make-up bag's quite regularly! I've also tried to show in the swatch picture how buildable the product is. Depending on the occasion, you could either opt for a subtle look or build it up to a much brighter red, perfect for those summer nights. However, the only criticism I could mention is that the packaging doesn't actually state the name of the colour once you've taken off the outer packaging. I had to do a bit of research to find the actual name! However, Body Shop definitely make up for this in their focus on cruelty-free production which is definitely a massive selling point for me. The lipsticks are averagely priced at £10 each. There are some much cheaper lipsticks on the highstreet however, I definitely think you pay for quality with this product. Although a bright red might not be as wearable as others, there are a great selection of shades available from the Colour Crush range from nudes to pinks which share an equally gorgeous finish.

I'll be honest, I'm not a MASSIVE lover of lipsticks as I have a lot of trouble with chapped lips (thank God winter is on it's way out!), so it's definitely a Hallelujah moment when I find a really moisturising lip product. I also find searching for shades that suit my complexion really difficult too. I find that some lipsticks can make my teeth look quite yellow, especially on pictures, so you'll always find me walking out of Boots with about 56 swatches all the way up my arm until I find the right shade. I usually do play it safe with a nice nude or a sheer pink but I feel like I definitely want to start wearing more reds. Hopefully I've pulled it off in the pics above!

Here's to being lip-brave this Spring!


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