Sunday, 13 April 2014

Topshop TIKA2 High Vamp Skaters

After constantly wearing my Chelsea boots throughout the whole of winter - the first peek of sunshine through the clouds and I was scrolling through Topshop's online SS range. I knew that I wanted some sort of comfy slip-on pumps as I was sick to death of wearing my converse and vans and I've never been a fan of the whole sports trainers rage (apologies if this offends you)...

Had to include a flash picture so you can get a real idea of the snakeskin hotness!
I first spotted these skaters on YouTube where Lily Melrose and Barbara from thepersianbabe had been raving about them. They've now become one of the most talked about flats in the bloggersphere. I did, at first, expect them to be at least £35 (knowing Topshop), but was pleasantly surprised when they came in at just £20! I got mine online in a size 6 and had them delivered to my local Topshop store for free.

I was completely in love when I picked them up and was really impressed with the quality. The snakeskin texture is so unique and on trend yet can still be worn with a variety of outfits. I've been wearing them quite a lot recently and unfortunately, they have been rubbing away at every inch of my poor feet. However, I'm willing to power through and see if I can "wear them in"  just because they're SO PRETTY! Beauty is pain and all that.

You can purchase here however there are so many other styles to choose from too.


(Jeans/Jeggins worn in photos are also from Topshop)


  1. I've been contemplating getting them for a while now but in the reviews everyone keeps complaining that they run small. Would you recommend getting a size up?

  2. I got them in a size 6 which is my usual size and they fit fine - they just give me quite a few blisters whenever I've been walking in them for a while. Definitely a 'for show' pair of shoes haha