Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Weight Watchers Update #1

If you have read my previous blog posts then you may know that last month, I started Weight Watchers. I was weighed last night and I am happy to tell you that I’ve lost just over half a stone (7 and a half lbs) in 4 weeks! It doesn’t sound like a lot but apparently the less you weigh to start with, the more time it takes for your body to lose the weight. During my first week I lost 4 lbs which I was MASSIVELY shocked at and after then, my weight has slowly but surely dropped off. I have found myself getting into a routine now and it’s weird to say it but I’m really not struggling with it at all! I can still eat well; I have just changed the amount that I eat. My points allowance has also dropped from 29 points a day to 27 which at first I was really worried about exceeding but it really is no trouble at all! If you’re like me and aren’t a massive fan of lots of salads or fruit & veg, then this is what a typical day for me, food-wise, would consist of;

1 Bowl of Honey Cheerios
(3 points)
1 serving (142ml) of semi skimmed milk
(2 points)
Glass of water
(0 points)

½ bowl of cream of tomato soup
(2 points)
Slice of white bread
(2 points)
Packet of Quavers/Weight Watchers chocolate biscuit
(2 points each)
Any fresh fruit – any amount (I usually go for a banana or some blueberries)
(0 points)

This is where it can be quiet varied. I tend to just have what my family are having but in a smaller portion. It’s so much easier than having something different from everyone else and doesn’t leave you drooling over what everyone else is having while you’re sat in the corner with your carrot sticks. For example; if my mum makes Spaghetti Bolognese then she will use the Weight Watchers Bolognese sauce (2 points for ½ a jar plus it doesn’t taste any different!). Then, instead of serving it on a plate, I will have mine in a bowl. It means that I’m having a much smaller portion but my bowl still looks full of food. From doing this, my body now isn’t used to digesting big plates of food anymore and I have found that I get fuller a lot quicker and a lot easier.
If you prefer to make your dinner yourself then the Weight Watchers ready meals are also a favourite in my freezer. If I need something quick then I will warm up a shephard’s pie or lasagne (which are worth around 7-8 points each) and add a FEW low-fat chips. I’ve found that because I’m still giving my body that fix of more naughtier foods but in much smaller portions, I am not craving them like you would be on a crash diet. So, a typical dinner would be worth around 10-12 points. Adding my points up, that’s still only 23 points at the most, which is great for when I fancy that little bit of chocolate or a packet of crisps! I just make sure that they are the low-points option.

So far, I have been really pleased with the whole programme and I am secretly really proud of myself at the weight that I have lost so far. Wish me luck for next month! J


  1. I've been thinking about doing this a while now, it looks like quite an easy way of keeping track of everything :)
    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award, check it out hereee:

    1. I would really really recommend it if you're thinking about it :)
      And wow, thankyou! I'll check it out :)