Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas | Your Dad

A classic gift for all Dad's out there. My Dad can pretty much always expect to receive some sort of aftershave for Christmas. Perfume shops usually offer deals round about this time of year so it's a great idea if you're stuck to what to buy for him. Just make sure he likes the smell!

Signed Picture
A couple of Christmas's ago, I bought my Dad a signed photo of Sir Alex Ferguson (obviously he is an avid Man United football fan) from the store at the stadium. It was absolutely huge and he was made up with it. It now hangs on the wall above our dining table where we say our prayers and thank Sir Alex... no I'm joking. 

Gift Experience
These are such a unique gift idea and I can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to find something that any Dad will enjoy. They can range from driving a sports car on a race track to a flying lesson! Fab idea but a bit expensive if you're on a budget. 

If your Dad is like mine then you will ALWAYS find him stood at a BBQ during the Summer months. My Dad takes great pride in cooking his burgers/sausages/kebabs etc so I thought a brand new BBQ for next Summer would be such a great idea. Places like B&Q and Homebase usually have massive sales on at this time of year, especially on their websites. My Mum & I managed to find one that was £150 cheaper than it’s original price. We’re definitely going to struggle to hide it somewhere though!

Winter Jumpers
Now that my Dad is getting older, he’s starting to feel the cold a lot easier (hope he doesn’t read this), so a few snuggly jumpers are a lovely stocking filler. I usually pick a few up from Matalan or Sainsbury’s as there is always a great range and for a great price.

Limited Edition Beer
This is something that I didn’t think of myself but that my Dad actually asked for. A limited edition/vintage bottle a beer is such a unique gift, especially if your Dad enjoys a drink or two. You can order them online but I actually picked mine up from Sainsbury’s as they were selling them for a limited time.

A watch is a classic gift idea for any Dad. My Dad wears a watch for work and every year he either loses it or damages it, so I can always guarantee that I new ‘work watch’ will be on his Christmas list each year. It’s such a lovely gift for your Dad to receive knowing that you’ve picked it out for him.

Executive Box
If your Dad is a sporting fan then booking an Executive Box to watch his favourite team would go down a treat. If you don’t know what one is then it’s a private room looking out onto the stadium where they can enjoy a meal and drinks before watching the game. Most stadiums offer a fixed package for groups so try to organise it with a couple of his pals who can go along with him on the day.

Mobile Phone
Recently my Dad has become quite the Facebooker and stills finds it astounding when finding some of his old school friends on there. I thought that a new smart phone would be such a great idea for him so that he can scroll through Facebook to his heart’s content. Warning: if your Dad is like mine, you will probably have to block out a good 3 hours on Christmas Day to teach him how to use it!

Just like buying ‘bath stuff’ for your Mum goes without saying, it’s not Christmas without buying socks for your Dad! It’s become a tradition in our family that my Mum buys him the boring everyday socks and I get to pick him a couple of daft pairs usually Homer Simpson/Peter Griffin themed.  

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