Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Review: Borjouis Bronzing Primer

I first discovered the Borjouis Bronzing Primer whilst scrolling through Instagram. I was drawn to it straight away as I’d never heard of a ‘bronzing’ primer before. Now, I’m somebody that LOVES to be tanned so anything with the word ‘bronzing’ in the name I am instantly magnetised to. So, I finally gave in and bought it after I’d read a review on Essie Button’s blog. I definitely don’t regret buying it as I have used it every day since. 
I firstly started applying it to just my cheeks and up to my temples (which is where I usually apply a bronzer), rubbed it in with my fingers and then applied my concealer and foundation on top. I found that this left my face looking very two toned and quite orange! I then decided to try and apply it to my whole face only this time buffing it in with my Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face brush. The results were great. I was really scared that applying it to my whole face would make me look even more orange but I think buffing it in really made a difference. It gives fantastic coverage and when I’m having a good skin day – I won’t even apply any foundation! I find that the rest of my make-up stays on a lot longer than it usually does and I can hang on to that ‘just got back from two weeks in Majorca’ sun-kissed look for a bit longer! The only thing I would say is that to treat the product as an actual primer and not a bronzer or foundation. Apply the same amount as you would apply a primer to your face. 




  1. I love bronzers and the concept of this really interested me, still need to get my hands on this! :) xx


  2. I was the exact same, it's lovely :) xx