Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas | Your Mum

If you were like me growing up as a child, then you will understand that Mum’s do EVERYTHING when it comes to your Christmas presents. The hours she must have spent trawling through Toys’R’Us and searching on Argos - all for Father Christmas to get all the credit. Now that I’m a bit older and am earning more money, I feel like the past few Christmas’s, it’s been really nice to spoil my Mum and surprise her with some really lovely gifts. I’m quite organised this year and have pretty much sorted what I’m going to buy her apart from the obvious “bath stuff” that goes without saying. So, here's a few ideas that I’ve either bought my mum in the past or that I bought her for this Christmas – some expensive, some a little cheaper. So, Mum, if you’re reading this – please don’t carry on!

Amazon Kindle
 If your mum is like mine and loves to read then this is a great gift idea! I was a little nervous at first as I knew how much to she loved to actually hold a book whilst reading (sounds a bit weird) so I was worried that she wouldn’t like the idea of holding a device. But now she’s never without it! If she’s in bed, she’s reading on her Kindle, if she’s by the pool on holiday, she’s reading on her Kindle, if she’s in the bath, she’s reading on the Kindle (don’t worry, we got insurance haha). So I would definitely consider this idea if your mum loves a good read!

Jewel Candle
 I thought this was such a unique and lovely gift idea! The idea is that you burn the candle and inside is either a pair of earrings or a ring (your choice) of the value of £25-£250! I thought this would be a lovely idea for Aunties and Grandma’s too.

Weekend Superbreak
Warning - this does take a lot of planning! This year, I’ve organised a trip to London for myself and my Mum to see The Lion King in the theatre. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the show and have been dying to see it for a while, as has my Mum. So, I spent days looking at reviews and working out the best deal for two nights in a hotel with theatre and train tickets. I ended up booking it through as they had some fab offers on. However, this is quiet an expensive gift so I’d recommend going halves with someone else if possible.

This is more of a jokey idea but thought it would be great for my Mum. My Mum and I ALWAYS end up fighting over the blanket on the sofa when watching the telly so I thought what better idea than to buy my Mum her own?! The blanket even came with arm holes AND a pocket (which she usually uses to hide the remote inside). I found mine at my local market but you can pretty much find them anywhere.

This was actually one of my (very few) Dad’s ideas which I was actually quite impressed with. My Mum had a little iPod Touch at the time and was forever complaining of sore eyes from trying to see the screen. So we thought that a tablet would a great idea for her to be able to see the screen properly and also carry it about with her when she needed it. She is now never without it, along with her Kindle (Mrs Gadget).

Costume Jewellery 
What Mum doesn't like jewellery?! My Mum is a massive sucker for costume jewellery so a few pieces from our local Christmas market was a lovely present for her to receive.

Hairdresser’s voucher 
My Mum usually gets her hair done at a little back street salon that doesn't charge much. But I always notice that she's never fully happy with what she gets. So, I thought it would be a great idea to buy her a High-End Hairdresser's gift voucher. There are a lot offers on at this time of year and I managed to get one for £200 worth of hair cutting/treatment for £40! She gets four free appointments where she can have a cut, colour and a head massage. I was very tempted to buy it for myself to be honest!

Spa Break
My mum works really hard and I thought that a spa break would be a lovely treat for her to wind down and relax. Again, I noticed an offer at one of my local hotels for 12 days of free use of the spa, a £20 gift voucher for treatments and they always threw a cute little boxed candle. Lovely idea for you & your mum to spend some quality girly time! 

Theatre Tickets
My Mum & I LOVE to go and watch a good show so I figured a surprise trip to the theatre would be a lovely idea. I booked for us to go and see War Horse at our local theatre on the day after her birthday. Will definitely earn me some top brownie points!

Makeover with vouchers 
My Mum has only recently got into wearing make-up (with the help & encouragement of yours truly).  She only ever used to wear the odd bit of blusher and lipstick here and there but now she's constantly asking for me to do her make-up for when she's going out. I thought that a make-up lesson at one the beauty counters at my local Debenhams would be lovely for her and I even threw in some vouchers for her to treat herself to anything she liked!

There's just a few ideas of variously priced gifts that I think any Mum would love to recieve. I do however, think that Mum’s appreciate any gift she gets just so long as she knows that it's you that's put the effort in to think of something that she'd really love. 
Have a lovely Christmas time!

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