Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Where Have I Been?!

Hello my lovlies,

Just a little post to explain why I have completely disappeared from the face of the blogging world this past month or so! October/November time at work has been pretty hectic and has involved a lot of late nights and hell a lot of early mornings, thus, resulting in me wanting to starfish my bed at every opportunity I got. To add to the bleak set of excuses, I’ve also been quite skint if I’m honest! Buying Christmas presents for every cousin’s cat’s aunty in the family really has had a terrible effect on my Boots/Primark/Topshop/Asos/Missguided/And-the-rest shopping fund. Plus, I’ve not felt majorly inspired by any new products or lines and didn’t just want to write a post for writing a post’s sake.

I am here, however, to announce that I have returned to the lovely world of blogging and to confirm that, no I am not dead, for any of you that might be worried. I have also been thinking of a few Christmassy themed posts that should be up soon! Apologies again for my disappearance!

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