Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Urban Decay vs MUA: Copy or Dupe?

In the beauty world, I believe that there is a very fine line between a dupe and a copy. A dupe is another, usually cheaper, version that has been inspired by a similar product. A copy is a complete duplication - identical to the product at hand. 

I've always been a great lover of my Urban Decay Naked Palette and reach for it pretty much everyday. However, since discovering the MUA Undressed Palette, I'm yet to distinguish whether MUA have committed the ultimate beauty product crime or whether they've merely used my beloved palette as a bit of a base to go off. After all, how many neutral shades are there in this world? 

As you can see below, the shades are VERY similar and arranged in the exact same order Urban Decay's. I noticed this straight away and my first reaction was 'Wow, this SUCH an obvious copy'. Even the name of the palette, Undressed, is a complete synonym of UD's Naked which suggests the MUA team have definitely been basing their neutrals research around Urban Decay. However, I was very shocked when I noticed how pigmented MUA's version of the shades actually were. I usually find that lower-priced high street products in no way compete with the formulas of the more higher end choices however this came as a pleasant surprise and at just £4, you can't argue! I've swatched a few shades below so you can see the comparison for yourself.  A nice touch I also spotted from MUA was the 'Mini Master-Class' which have a few handy tips on the back of the palette to use on a selection of the shades which I think would be great if you're new to the whole eyeshadow thing.

Even though the Undressed palette is a very obvious copy/dupe (you decide!), I think it's a great alternative if you're budgeting yourself. It's also a great opportunity to sample some of the shades on yourself before you splurge on the UD version. For anyone who's just getting into make up or eye shadow, it's a great, well-priced palette to go for that still offers gorgeous results.

Even though both palettes boast very similar shades, I still find myself reaching for them on a lot of different occasions. I find that I take my MUA palette out with me a lot more often as obviously I'm not as afraid to lose that one. I love my neutral shades and I definitely couldn't live without at least one of these palettes! Let me know which one you prefer.


  1. Wow, the shades in them both are definitely very similar. Great alternative!

    Popping Pout