Saturday, 1 March 2014

My Make Up Bag: Step-by-Step


1 // Borjouis Bronzing Primer

I've literally lost count the amount of times I've raved about this product but it's my favouritist thing in the whole entire world. I use it as an actual primer and not to just contour or bronze my cheekbones. I'm a bit obsessive over looking tanned so as you might be able to tell, this baby has become my bestest friend. If you want to read more, click here!


2 // Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in True Ivory
To be honest, one of the reasons that I have this concealer is that it was on offer at Boots at the time I was on the hunt for a new concealer. I tend to use this more for undereye concealing as it's very creamy and blends really well into my skin. I also use Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for any blemishes but I'VE LOST IT.


3 // Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Classic Beige
Like a loyal dog to his owner, I am a loyal make-up addict to her foundation. No matter how many foundations I try, I always find myself returning to the safety of the Rimmel stand in Boots. The shade matches my skin tone amazingly and gives my skin that real glowy, fresh look. Love it, love it, love it.  


4 // Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Pink Blossom
I sometimes really struggle with oily skin by the end of the day and this powder is an absolute God send. I usually reach for it when I'm wearing minimul make-up or after a long day out. As you can see, this product is very much well-loved.


5 // Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium 2
This is my favourite bronzer in the whole entire world. I picked it up last July at the airport and have used it everyday since. It's great for contouring as it's just the right shade to make it look as though you were actually born with those wonderfully defined cheekbones. I also use it for an all round glow on my face and also down towards my neck. I think it was around the £20 mark but I have definitely got my penny's worth!


6 // Benefit Watts Up Highlighter 
Ignoring the price tag (£24.50), this highlighter has become a huge staple in my make-up routine. I was very much used to using powder based highlighters but I was introduced to this when I got my make-up done at a Benefit stand. It's such a lovely champagne based stick highlighter that blends really well into my skin. Although I was a little bit naughty in purchasing this baby, I've never looked back.


7 // Sleek Brow Kit in Dark 818
The Sleek Brow Kit is such a great dupe for the Benefit Brow Zing. It's literally exactly the same - packaging and all. However, the one big difference is the price tag. The Sleek version retailing at just £8.49 completely outrules the Brow Zing which is sold at a much pricier £23.50. The cute little angle brush that comes with the set is great for filling in your brows firstly with the wax and then the powder for a more natural finish.


8 // Seventeen Back Lash Liner
My wonderful mother actually picked this up for my birthday. She'd overheard someone in Boots talking about how it's flying off the shelves and decided to get her mitts on one aswell! I must admit I'd never heard of it before, but now I completely understand why it was flying off the shelves. It's the easiest potted liner I've ever used and stays put for absolutely ages. Well done Mama!

9 // Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow
I recieved this pencil eyeliner in a Glossybox sometime last year and was a little confused by the Eyeliner & Shadow combo as I didn't think it was thick enough to be used as a shadow. I currently use this for lining my bottom lash line and have been really impressed with the pigmentation and quality of the product. I really struggle to find a decent liner that doesn't need to be applied about seven times to take an effect, but I am loving using this at the moment! 


10 // Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara
I actually recieved this mascara in a Glossybox too! (They're definitely worth subscribing to). This is the first double ended mascara that Maybelline have released and has a seperate wand for top lashes and bottom lashes. I use this mascara for my bottom lashes and absolutely LOVE the effect that it has on them. It really does grab each tiny lash and leaves them look really full and voluminous. Looks like Clinique Bottom-Lash Mascara has some competition!

11 // Clinique High Impact Mascara
I've recently gone back to using this Clinique mascara after many repurchases of the Benefit They're Real! Mascara. I got a little bit bored of it and decided to give something else a try. I remember being really impressed with a Clinique mascara that I received in an eye-shadow palette for a birthday a few years ago. The formula is quite thick and leaves my lashes looking voluminous all day. The wand also does a fab job of grabbing those pesky little lashes in the corner of my eye. 


12 // Bare Minerals Flawless Coverage Brush
I use this brush to apply my Borjouis Bronzing Primer.

13 // Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I use this brush for applying my concealer and foundation.

14 // Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush
I use this brush for applying my powder/bronzer

15 // Bare Minerals Flat Edged Liner Brush
I use this brush to apply my top-lash liner.


16 // Cosmetic Bag
I was gifted this lovely cosmetics bag for my birthday. It was originally part of a nail-savior kit from the Gorgeous by Gok range in Boots. It's such a great size to pile all my stuff in. 

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey through my make-up bag. I'm pretty happy with everything I use at the moment so I will probably be staying away from the make-up counters for a while... YEAH RIGHT, who am I kidding?

Chow for now,


  1. This is so similar to my makeup bag! I love Rimmel everything, especially the wake me up concealer! Watts Up is definitely on my wishlist though! x

    1. Same, I find myself always going back to Rimmel! Definitely recommend Watts Up if you're after a little splurge!

      Thanks for commenting :-) X