Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review: L'Oréal Purifying Micellar Solution

Okaaaay, so I blissfully leapfrogged onto the blogger band wagon! I fell into the "A blogger recommended it? I must purchase!" pit of never ending spending. It's ridiculous how many times I've seen this product featured in Favourites videos and blog posts but I have justified buying this purely for blog research purposes only. That makes it okay, doesn't it?...

Hands on the table now, when it comes to skincare, I'm bloody awful. I hardly ever read skincare blog posts and I always skip the 'skincare favourites' bit on YT videos. I can never seem to get myself into a routine of cleansing and toning and whatever else you're supposed to do to your skin. When I do actually buy a skincare product, I tend to reach for the ones that either come in wipe form or don't involve any sort of rinsing or leaving on my skin for longer than 5 minutes. I just wanted something that I could quickly apply to a cotton wool pad and wipe off. Done. Dusted.

I must admit, I was really intrigued when the whole Bioderma craze graced the majority of our blogging fingertips and reading about how lightweight and no-fuss application the product brought with it, I found myself adding it to my basket on many occasions. However, I still couldn't convince myself to spend my hard-earned cash on something I frankly just didn't care about (especially when there's so many pretty blushes, mascaras and nail polishes that I'd much rather be buying!).

So, when I noticed the "Bioderma dupe!" tweets, posts and videos begin to crop up I decided, for the sake of my future 40-year-old skin, I needed to give it a go.

The first thing that drew me to it was the 3-in-1 aspect. Why waste time using three different products when you can use one? That's what I say. It claims to; dissolve make-up, unclog pores/remove impurities and tone & soothe the skin whilst also being suitable for the face, eyes and lips. All this for £4.99? Thank you, God! 

I love the fact that it basically feels like you're applying water onto your skin and not the typical thick, chemical-smelling gloop that I usually finding myself unfortunately using. I think the fact that the product is scent-free really helps you to believe that what you are about to apply to your skin is as pure and chemical-free as possible. This has also encouraged me to use it on my eyes. I usually stay clear of taking my eye make-up off with anything other than make-up wipes as I'm usually very conscious of the fact that some cleansers/make-up removers really sting if you accidentally get them anywhere near your eyes. I've also found in some cases that products tend to pull and tug at your skin which can cause a lot of redness. However, because the product is so gentle and lightweight, I've been loving taking all my make-up off with this baby. It leaves my skin feeling ultra soft and un-clogged and now that we're approaching the warmer months, I don't tend to use that much make-up. I think the sun really exposes cakey foundation and can make you look very two-toned when wearing make-up. I much prefer the sun to take it's natural course on my spots and blemishes and give me that lovely natural glow. The fact that the product leaves my skin feeling super fresh and smooth gives me the confidence to wear a lot less make-up than I'm used to wearing during the winter months.

I've decided that I'm definitely going to continue using a solution on my face instead of being lazy and using make-up wipes. I read that the solution aims to draw out excess oil and impurities rather than spreading them around the face like some make-up wipes can do. This is definitely something that I've noticed whilst using the solution and I have definitely noticed a difference in my once-unloved skin.


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  1. I've tried this product but unfortunately I was in the minority that didn't like it, I felt like I was using a lot more of this product compared to other make-up removers and also the biggest factor was that it broke me out! xx