Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ciate's Pocket Money

This nail polish has become my ultimate go-to shade for days in the office. I always like to keep my nails polished and well manicured but I find that a bright orange isn't always massively appropriate in an office environment. Ciate have produced a gorgeous yet professional looking polish. Here's why I think you should spend your pocket money on Pocket Money...

You know when you first discover a new polish and wear it constantly for about two weeks and then suddenly you get completely bored of it and it gets thrown into the pit of your nail polish collection only ever to be used on the odd occasion? Well, this process has not yet took place with the polish in question. I've had this paint pot for about a month now and wear it CONSTANTLY. Since I work in an office Monday-Friday, I can't be as experimentative with my nail colour as I'd honestly like to be. This gorgeous fudgey nude is the perfect girly, neutral shade that stills manages to ooze elegance. 

The polish itself is a little more on the expensive side at £9.00 each but it's definitely worth splashing out on. The polish dries super quickly and I was happy with the outcome after just one coat but couldn't resist trying a second one. I also usually like to apply a high shine top coat but I felt like the polish already dried with a lovely high shine anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the polish doesn't tend to chip either. 

Ciate was created by professional nail artist Charlotte Knight and the trademark bow has been a massive selling point of the range. I always find that I'm so much more drawn to a product if the packaging is pretty enough to hold pride of place on my dressing table, where only the loveliest perfume bottles and high end hair products are home to. I'm so glad I lost my Ciate virginity as the polishes are so long lasting and very high quality.

Coming from a girl who's up to her eye balls in nail polishes, I fully recommend and urge you to go and check out Ciate if you're looking for a splurge this month.



  1. This colour looks lovely not one I would pick up but you have changed my mind as it looks pretty Lucy