Friday, 28 March 2014

Argan Dew Hair Mask & Argan Oil*

After having my hair ombre for the best part of two years, my hair was never in the best condition since dying it out (Ombre hair care post here). To my dismay, I even had to chop most of it off (blog post here) resulting in me going from having well past boob-length hair to just below shoulder-length hair. Now, you might think I'm mad after just moaning about the state of my hair after dip-dying it, but I really want to have it done again! I think it looked so nice for summer and I really do miss it. The only thing I don't miss was how much it ruined the condition of my hair.
In light of this, I've been on the hunt for some decent hair products and treatments that will hopefully really look after my hair this time round. So obviously, I jumped at the chance when the lovely team at Argan Dew kindly offered to send me some of their hair products to review.

The Argan Dew line is based on the richness of pure Moroccan Argan oil which contains all the components needed to nourish and rejuvenate the scalp and hair, leaving hair hydrated, protected and renewed from root to tip. Argan Dew generously sent me their Replenishing Hair Mask and their Miraculous Oil which I have been using every time I wash my hair for just over a week now. 

I've tried quite a lot of hair masks in the past and have never really stayed loyal to a specific brand. Argan Dew's mask contains the purest oils from the Moroccan Argan tree to restore and boost the health of your hair. The mask claims to form a protective layer to keep hair moisturized and safe from the stress of daily styling.

I was quite shocked when I first squeezed the product into my hand as it was such a strange texture! The hair treatments that I've used in the past tend to be quite thick and runny. However, Argan Dew's version felt very light and bouncy. I suppose it was a good thing, as that's exactly how I'd want my hair to feel like! 

As instructed, I left the product in my hair for around 5 minutes (2 Beyonce song's worth ;)) and then rinsed out. I can always tell whether a mask is going to work well or not by how my hair feels under the water as soon as I rinse the treatment out. Once I'd rinsed, my hair felt soft, untangled and smooth. 

I instantly noticed how shiny and glossy the mask left my hair looking. My hair looked well-nourished and it was a joy to brush through. However, I was really conscious that because the treatment left my hair feeling SO soft, I would really struggle to style it properly - this was where their argan oil worked wonders. 

The Replenishing Hair Mask retails at $44.00 for a 250ml bottle and can be purchased and shipped here. Argan Dew also provided me with an exclusive 10% discount code for readers of this blog. Click here to claim it.

I've never actually used an argan oil on my hair before but had always been really intrigued by the concept of it. The oil acts as a treatment for all hair types and claims to re-hydrate dry, dull and damaged hair. Having naturally dry hair to begin with, I have noticed a change in the condition of my hair. After applying the oil to towel-dried hair and brushing through with my fingers, I've noticed how soft and shiny my hair looks and feels after drying it. 

I will admit, after the first time I used the oil, I felt as though my hair looked and felt really greasy, especially on the roots. However, because I have such thick hair, I did use quite a lot of the oil on my hair on the first time round. Since then, I only use half the amount and tend to focus the product more towards the ends of my hair. This made me realise that a tiny bit of product (£1 sized amount) really does go a long way. I can see a full size product lasting you a very long time so you'd definitely get your money's worth. 

I've also noticed that the oil has really helped to control my frizz! Usually, if I don't dry my hair properly before I go to bed, I wake up with awful frizzy, fly away hair which is such a pain to try and tame. However, the oil has really helped to control it and weighs down those horrible fly away bits of hair whilst still making my hair feel lightweight and bouncy. As I mentioned before, I sometimes find that freshly washed hair is such a nightmare to style. However, the fact that my hair was made to feel a lot smoother and thicker, made for much easier styling - especially when curling. 

The oil itself is quite runny so you do have to be careful when pouring it into your hand. After pouring it, I usually rub my hands together to make sure that it spreads evenly through my hair. However, the texture of the oil ensures that it doesn't gloop around one piece of hair and instead is easily spreadable through the hair and scalp. Oh, and did I mention that it makes your hair smell GORGEOUS?!

The Miraculous Oil is $39.00 for a 100ml bottle and can be purchased and shipped hereArgan Dew also provided me with an exclusive 10% discount code for readers of this blog. Click here to claim it.

(Apologies for no photos - was far too runny to get one in time! You all know what oil looks like I should imagine haha)

Overall, I've been massively impressed with the quality and outcome of the products sent to me. Argan Dew's range also includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and protective serum which I predict will be of the same excellent standard. Shipping took around 5 days to arrive. I was also REALLY impressed when I found out that Argan Dew's products are cruelty-free in the sense that they don't test on animals and all products are also alcohol free. As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, cruelty-free production is a huge selling point for me and I'm sure other bloggers will agree - so I was thrilled to discover this about the range as an added bonus!

Argan Dew have provided an exclusive 10% discount code on their hair products for readers of this blog. Click here to claim discount. 


This post contains products which were provided for consideration by a representative of the company. All opinions are my own and are unaffected by this. For more information, please read my disclaimer policy. 


  1. I'm reviewing this also! I was also shocked about the texture of the mask, I wish I had taken the photo but I've used all the samples now.

    Corinne x

    1. Ohh cool! What do you think of them so far? Send me your review when it's done! :)