Sunday, 27 April 2014

April Lovin'

Like most, I am ridiculously excited for the warmer months to begin and the sun to start bronzing my skin. I've been getting so hyped up about buying light coverage foundations, tanning moisturisers and I'm up to my eyes in bright and pastel nail varnishes. Anyway, here are some of the products that I've took a shine to this month. (Get it? Shine. Sunshine...)

I've loved this product since I was at college and I always find myself using it year after year. It's meant to be used as a daily moisturising lotion however because of the instant results, I tend to use it every other day. It usually takes around 8 hours to develop on my skin so I apply it before I go to bed so that it can develop over-night. The tanning lotion itself has more of a red undertone giving a much more natural glow to the skin. Like most moisturisers, the lotion is enriched with chamomile which lightens your complexion and gives it healthy natural glow. The tan usually lasts me around 2 days before having to re-apply. However the only down side, like most tanning agents, is the scent. I've found that if I apply too much at once, I'm left with a very obvious typical fake-tan smell. Gradual build is definitely key to this tan, but it has never let me down with it's streak-free results!

The only reason I purchased this hairspray was because it was on offer at Sainsbury's but BOY am I glad that I did! I've repurchased this hairspray around three times and I've become completely obsessed with it. The first thing I LOVED about the product was that it didn't have that typical chemical hairspray smell. It smells just like the rest of the Tresemmé range which, if you're unfamiliar, is gorgeous. The hairspray actually sprays on dry which is great when you're rushing out the door and need a quick sprits. I'm also quite bad for back-combing my hair quite a bit because I'm obsessed with volume. The hairspray helps my hair to stay up all day long without leaving my hair feeling disgustingly sticky all day like some hairsprays do. It also claims to be humidity-resistant which is fab for the upcoming climate.

The thing that drew me to this product was the fact that it was scented. The bottle came with a "scratch and sniff" sticker on the top which allowed you to smell before you buy basically. When I purchased it and excitedly ripped open the packaging and gave the brush a sniff, I was quite disappointed to find that it just smelt like any average nail polish. However, once I'd applied it to my nails, that's when the magic happened! The scent doesn't last all day, granted, but it's something different and Models Own marketing ploy definitely got me. Like all Models Own polishes, Blueberry Muffin is a great quality and lasts without chipping. I've been loving wearing this pastel shade at the moment as I think it really complements my (gradual ;)) tan. 

As you can see, this palette is so well loved (particularly the bronzer!) and it's been a resident in my make-up drawer for quite some time now. I have been so used to using my Benefit Watts Up! highlighter for so long now that I'd forgotten how gorgeous a powder based highlighter was. I love Sleek as a brand itself and am particularly fond of their brow kit. However, this cheap n' cheerful contour kit is definitely up there with the best of them. I don't tend to get much use out of the blush as I'm not really a blusher girl, however the bronzer and highlight make up for it. The highlight itself is very light with the tiniest hint of glitter particles and a little bit really does go a long way. I've really been loving using it this month and have decided that I want to make more use out of it as it really is a great little kit.

After £25 a time on getting acrylic nails done, I decided to look for a much cheaper option. I firstly tried out the "impress" nails which were already pre-glued and you just had to press them on to your nails. I wasn't a huge fan of these as they came off so easily and lasted me a day at the most. I then came across the Nailene So Natural nails as they came with a tube of nail glue (like most do!) and have been really impressed with them so far. They also come with "Ultra Adhesive Tabs" that you stick on the back of the nail before you glue them on. However, when I tried to apply them, I found that my nails were too small for even the smallest size - so I didn't bother! My first packet lasted me around two weeks before I pulled them off when I was bored in the bath. I'm now currently using my second packet and I've had them on for a week now with no sign of budging. The packet costs £7.99 and comes with 28 nails so if one snaps off then I can easily replace it, which is definitely a upside to getting acrylics done. These have definitely been my main favourite of the month and I'll no doubt be repurchasing!

Bit of a random favourite but I have literally been glued to my iPad at 6pm everyday to watch the Saccone Joly family! If you have no idea what I'm talking about then they're a family who live in Ireland, Jonathan and Anna, who vlog their daily life along with their 6 maltese dogs and kids, Emilia and new born baby, Eduardo. (Yes, they vlogged the birth too!) During the run up to his birth and since he was born, I've been literally obsessed with them. Anna has her own beauty channel and blog while Jonathan runs his own comedy channel too. Go and check them out!


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