Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to Schedule Your Tweets

You may or may not know but I currently work as a PR Assistant. (What it's like to work as a PR Assistant blog post here). This means that I manage a lot of different social media accounts and am particularly responsible for live tweeting at our events. So, the next time you're at an event and you see someone sat in the corner with an iPad frantically typing away, then that's what I do. However, all my birthdays came at once when I was recently introduced to a website called which basically does some of the work for you...

If you're not a fan HootSuite then similarly to Blogger, Twuffer is a free service that let's you schedule your tweets to go live at any specific time that you wish. So, if you want to tweet a link to a new blog post at 7am but fancy a little lie in that day, then Twuffer is your new best friend. It's great for when you know that you won't be available to tweet all day and can schedule a few throughout the day. I find it particularly helpful when we have events on at work. Instead of spending my day having smoke coming from my fingers, before the event I can schedule certain tweets that I know will be relevant to the event at that specific time. For example, when I know what time the event is due to start I could schedule this tweet; "Guests are now arriving at 'insert name of event here' #'InsertEventHashTagHere'". Obviously, I still have to tweet pictures live from the event, but Twuffer makes my job a WHOLE lot easier. 

When you enter the site, you are asked to "Sign in with Twitter". This links the site to your Twitter account and then enables you to start writing your tweets and select a date and time for them to go live. The 'scheduled tweets' tab then lets you see a list of the tweets that you have scheduled and the 'dashboard' tab tells you how many tweets have been sent and are due to be sent. I was probably a little more excited than I should have been about this but I was SO eager to start using it! It's one of those solutions that you think "Damn, I wish I'd thought of that."

Happy Twuffing!