Friday, 17 January 2014

Winter Skincare


I'm quite lucky when it comes to skincare during winter as I don't really suffer from dry skin. As I’ve said before, I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to skincare and find it a bit of a chore. So, when I find something that works, I tend to stick to it. You may notice a bit of a pattern in some of the products I use but I was gifted a lot of Soap & Glory products for Christmas, and I mean a LOT. (Wonder if my family are trying to tell me something? :/) So, I'm currently in the process of using them up and trying out new S&G products that I'd never got round to purchasing. Wish me luck!

You’ve probably seen every blogger and their mum’s dog’s cousin’s aunty talk about this stuff as it’s a Soap & Glory staple and is featured in most of their gift sets. However, it still remains firmly in my heart and more importantly, in my bath/shower routine. It’s made up of tiny little scrubbing beads that are great for taking fake tan off and just for generally feeling spotlessly clean and fresh!

I've used this stuff around five times now and I’m absolutely in love. It does amazing things to my face and I can honestly say that post-bath my face actually does feel like a baby’s bum - if not smoother! What I love about it is that you literally only need a penny sized amount to go all over your face and it does a really good job of gently taking make-up off (even waterproof mascara). Not that I would ever have a bath without taking my make-up off, God forbid…

These are my saviour when I’m having one of those days when your face just isn’t co-operating. Those days when you feel all spotty and dirty and you just want to peel off a layer of your skin. (Just me then?) These gorgeous little refreshing pads do exactly what they say on the tub and make me feel so fresh and clean. Because they do such a good job, the smell is quite overwhelming so I think that’s why they’ve added the fruity over-smell. Warning: do not actually use on your eyes unless you want your actual eyeball to dissolve.

This little gem has currently gone missing from my make-up drawer as a certain somebody (Hi Mum) is currently suffering from the good old Jack Frost chapped lip epidemic. I know that lip products don’t really fall under the skincare category but I thought I’d slip it in anyway just in case some of you had never heard of it. It’s basically like pink sand in a little pot that you rub onto your lips to get all the dry excess skin off. However, the best bit being that your lips taste of bubblegum for the rest of the day. There a few different flavours to choose from but the bubblegum is definitely my fave!

I hope you enjoyed delving into my dreaded skincare routine. Although I do understand the importance of looking after my skin and giving it a treat once in a while, I would still much rather splurge on a lovely Clinique mascara!


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