Friday, 31 January 2014

Having My Hair Chopped Off

It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but after years of having long hair, I finally decided to get a little chop! After having ombre hair twice over the past two years, my hair is a little worse for wear and has definitely seen better days. My hair is in pretty good condition from the the root to my longest layer - it was just that dreaded, disgustingly-dry, broken and soul-less section at the bottom that I had ombre'd that needed the boot. For the past week or so, I've found myself wearing it in a bun quite regularly and therefore, I decided that I definitely needed to do something about it...

So, as you can see - I went for it. I will admit however, that I did do my research. I read a lot of blogs and websites on cutting your hair shot and I'd screenshotted a few (a lot) of Instagrams of Kylie Jenner, Lucy Meck and Lily Melrose and showed them to my hairdresser. She was a little bit reluctant at first because my hair has been very long for a very long time so I can understand her concern if she was the one responsible for completely buggering up my hair. I have to admit, it was actually really scary watching her chop a good 6-7 inches off my hair and witnessing it fall to the floor, and at one point I really started to panick that I'd made the wrong decision. However,I think she did a fab job and I LOVE having shorter hair. It has taken about 60% off hair dryer time and my hair feels so luscious and fresh (if you could use that word to describe hair?). I can just about get it up in a high pony tail with the helpful use of a few curby grips and it looks great curled or straightened. I've also noticed that it stays a lot more volumised throughout the day because there's not as much hair weighing it all down! I'm very happy with my new look, and have been recieving a lot of really nice compliments. I now completely understand the saying "a change in your hair can do a lot to your head"

Previous two ombre's and length of my hair 


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